A.G.E. Donations Page

Why donations?

The cost of setting up and maintaining the games, improving existing offerings and developing new ones is covered by donations.
It is also a fact that the computing world is moving rapidly, and novel technologies can quickly become the de facto standard.
All this needs an investment to ensure that the gaming experience is as best as it can be.

Can I play for free?

YES!!. Playing as a Commoner is free at all times. [See the Rulebook for the benefits of Royalty status].

How do I donate?

We appreciate your considering a donation to our organization, which supports the costs of running games, as well as for funding development of new ones. There are 2 types of positions for players in all games; Commoner and Royalty. Commoner positions are always free of course, while a Royalty position has a small G.M. fee. The standard turn fee is listed above in UK Pounds (some games may be offered at special rates, and will be advised at the time). This is a single turn fee (no tax), but you can send enough for several turns in advance (so you dont need to send funds every turn). We accept donations in all currencies, and if you live outside the U.K., you may click here to see how much this is in your currency. To send funds, we recommend you use the PayPal method below:

Click above to send payment by Credit card, Debit card, or ATM card using PayPal, a world leader in online transactions, with guaranteed security and privacy: when you send funds, your Credit Card info is not shared with the receiver, its kept confidential with PayPal.
If you dont already have an account with them, you can easily create one. PayPal's services are free, fast, reliable and popular, with over 100 million users worldwide. They are available in 190+ countries and regions, and you may click here to view them all. For those outside of the U.K., your currency will automatically be converted to UK Pounds for you. Please note that when sending funds, the receiver should be our email address (listed below).
Bonus: each time you send funds with Paypal, you will receive a free game turn credit (you need to send at least 21 UK Pounds, and also you need to email your claim to the G.M. at the address below)

If the PayPal method will not work for you, and you would prefer to use some other method, then contact the moderator by email to discuss alternative arrangements. Under NO circumstances attempt to send cash.

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